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2 Starting the Treatment

This is a very important moment in your journey. Your doctor will choose the best strategy for your specific case from the various types of treatments available to fight cancer, and they may decide on a combination of different types. In such circumstances, nutrition can be extremely helpful, because it gives your body strength and prepares it for the procedures and sessions.

Starting the Treatment

Main Treatment Methods


In radiotherapy, ionizing radiation, such as an x-ray, is used to destroy or prevent tumor cells from increasing in size. Because the radiation is aimed directly at the tumor site, this method is more accurate when compared to chemotherapy. The patient does not feel any pain during the sessions, but there may be side effects that cause pain later.


Chemo consists on administering medication orally or on the patient’s veins, arteries or muscles, and it can reach cancer cells in any part of the body. There is a different type of chemotherapy medication for each case and side effects may vary, so it’s important to talk to your doctor and avoid self-medication.


Its goal is to completely remove the tumor or reduce the amount of tumor cells and relieve symptoms. There are some important measures that can be taken to lower the risk of surgical complications.